Monday, January 21, 2013

Fun on the Ice

Hi friends! Today there was no school due to Martin Luther King day! My mom said it would be fun to have a girls day with my friends, so I went to the ice skating rink with my friends Jess and Chrissa, and our moms for a fun girls day. Here we are all bundled up and ready to skate.
                                                      Here`s our ice skating hairstyles!
  We saw Mia working the skate rentals and concessions. She helps out at the skate rink sometimes after practice.
                                               We picked out our skates to rent- $5.00 each.
                                                                All ready to skate!
                                                    Skating and doing tricks on ice!
 Snack time! Jess got nachos and water, I got a hotdog, candy bar, and milkshake, and Chrissa got a hotdog and water.
                                      Group hug! Time to say goodbye until school tomorrow.
Thank you all for visiting my blog and reading my posts! I`ll try to have a Christmas and New Years post up by Sunday. Stay warm this cold winter, and hope you had a fun New Years-Happy 2013! Happy Martin Luther King Day! Bye for now!