Sunday, November 24, 2013

Trick or Treat!

Hi everyone, it's Loraine! Hope you had a happy Halloween and got lots of candy! Me and my friends had a fun time dressing up, seeing everyone's decorations, and, of course, getting candy. I went trick-or-treating with my friends Anne, Jess, and McKenna, and dressed as a black cat.

                                                   Anne went as a candy corn witch.
                           Jess went as princess Jasmine from Disney's Aladdin.

And McKenna went as her favorite gymnast, and role model, Olympic gold-medalist McKayla Maroney.

                                                                  Knock knock...
                                                                  Trick or Treat!
                                             Look at all the candy I got so far!
                                                      Time to sort and count the candy!
                                                            What a fun Halloween!
Here's all my friends dressed in their costumes: First are Rebecca, Samantha, Nellie, and Kirsten. They went as princess Belle from Disney's "and the Beast", Minnie Mouse, an Irish dancer, and a cute pumpkin.
Next are Ruthie, Kit, Felicity, and Elizabeth. They went as the Disney princesses Snow White, Cinderella, Ariel, and the fairy TinkerBell from Peter Pan.
Here's Addy, Mia, Emily, and Molly. They're princess Tiana from Disney's "Princess and the Frog", princess Giselle from Disney's "Enchanted", a French girl, and a Hawaiian hula dancer.
Next is Kanani, Nicki, Chrissa, and Marisol. They went as a Hawaiian hula dancer, a horseback rider, a witch, and a ballet dancer.
                                    And last is McKenna, me, Jess, and Anne in our costumes.
The end. Hope you all enjoyed, and thank you all for visiting my blog. Bye for now, and stay warm in this cold weather!

Mia's Trip to Door County (part 2)

                               Hi everyone!  It's me, Mia, again with part two of my fun trip.
                                                                    At the beach!
Tree hugger!  XD
Beautiful rocks!
Umm...I think this chair's a little too big...XD
Cookie the cow.
An ice cream slide!  Whee!
Saying goodbye to Lake Michigan.
The end! Hope you enjoyed these posts, and thank you for visiting my blog! Bye for now!

Mia's Trip to Door County (part 1)

Hi everyone! It's Mia here, and I'm writing a guest post to tell you about my trip to Door County, Wisconsin over the summer!
                                                                    We're here!              
                                                                        Goats..? XD
                                                                    Climbing a tree.
                                                         We saw a cool lighthouse!   :D
                                                        Look at this seagull feather I found!
                                                            Watching the boats go by.

                                                                       Just chillin'!
                                   Wilson's has the best, and biggest, ice cream sundaes ever!
                                                                      Sunset time.
                        That's the end of part one, hope you enjoyed! Part two is coming soon. Bye for now!