Sunday, November 24, 2013

Mia's Trip to Door County (part 1)

Hi everyone! It's Mia here, and I'm writing a guest post to tell you about my trip to Door County, Wisconsin over the summer!
                                                                    We're here!              
                                                                        Goats..? XD
                                                                    Climbing a tree.
                                                         We saw a cool lighthouse!   :D
                                                        Look at this seagull feather I found!
                                                            Watching the boats go by.

                                                                       Just chillin'!
                                   Wilson's has the best, and biggest, ice cream sundaes ever!
                                                                      Sunset time.
                        That's the end of part one, hope you enjoyed! Part two is coming soon. Bye for now!

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