Friday, December 28, 2012

Happy Birthday to me, November 17th!

Hi everyone I`m back! A month ago on November 17 it was my birthday! I turned 10 years old. For my party, I had my friends Anne, Marisol, Jess, Nicki, and Kanani over. It was so much fun! This is a picture of me in my birthday dress. I also got to wear a fake pink hair extension.
Here is the story of my birthday party adventure. First, we knocked down the pinata. Anne broke it open!
We all ran to get some yummy candy from the pinata!
Then it was cake time! My friends all sang "Happy Birthday" to me, and I made a wish and blew out the candles.
After cake we opened presents. I wonder what this could be? This one is from Marisol.
Ooh! It`s new headphones for my iPod, the Marie Grace book, an American Girl magazine, and a cute teddy bear! Thanks, Marisol!
This one is from Nicki. It is a beauty care and makeup kit with a hair style book! Thanks, Nicki!
The next one is from Jess. It is a joke book, mini mysteries book, Julie`s Christmas book, and a purse! Thanks, Jess!
This is a package from my best friend, and also cousin, Noel from Florida! She got me a notebook with stickers, Rebecca`s Hanukkah book, a birthday card, and an American Girl Miami shirt! Thanks, Noel! I hope you can come here over summer break!
Me and my new shirt.
This is from Kanani. They are baked sweets(And a card) from Kanani and her parents' bakery- mochi, pineapple slices, and macadamia nuts, yummy! Thanks, Kanani!
This present is from Anne. It is a cat stuffed animal toy, a nail care and polish kit, and cute cat earrings! Thanks, Anne! I wonder why she would get me earrings, though. I don`t have my ears pierced yet, but I really want to.
Next are presents from my mom and dad. Wow! I`m getting my ears pierced at the American Girl store in the city when I go there in the summer! That`s why Anne got the earrings! Thanks you so much mom and dad! They also got me another present. This rectangle box shape looks familiar. Could it be?
Yes it is! It`s the Felicity American Girl doll! Thanks again! I always wanted her! All my presents are opened. But, where are the bows at?
Oh, Jess! She was wearing all the bows! "Surprise, Loraine!" she said. "Ha ha, very funny Jess!" I laughed. Jess is so funny! Now it is time for two more fun games! First we played hide and seek, but "It", also known as Kanani, has to wear a blind fold and try to find the players by listening for them.
Next we played freeze tag. Jess was it! Kanani is un-freezing Anne, and I am running away with Marisol. Nicki is also trying to run faster than Jess.
Then the party was over. Here is a group shot of all of us!
I had such a fun party, and most of my friends were there too celebrate with me. Thank you all for reading my posts and I hope you enjoyed this one! Be on the look out for a Christmas post sometime this weekend. I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving and a very Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! Bye for now!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Loraine`s Spooky Halloween Adventure

Hi friends!  Hope you had a happy Halloween!  Me and my friends sure did. We got lots of candy!  For Halloween, I trick-or-treated with three of my friends: Marisol, Mia, and Jess.  Marisol was a witch, I was a black cat, Jess was Princess Jasmine form the Disney movie,Aladdin, and Mia was a rock-star.
  We soon set off on our candy hunt in our neighborhood.  "Where should we go next?" Jess asked.  "Maybe we should try those houses down there.  I`ve heard rumors that all Redwood Street gave out last Halloween was king-size candy bars", I answered Jess.  "Mia, what are you doing?" Marisol amusingly asked our rock-star friend.  "Oh, I`m just practicing for trick-or-treating on Redwood Street.  Samantha and Nellie told me that their neighbors give out extra candy to people who act as the person their dressed as.  I`m going to sing trick-or-treat though my microphone when someone answers the door, like I`m a singer!"Mia happily replied.  "That`s fine, but just don`t expect me to start rolling around and meowing when someone answers the door and start acting like a cat just to get extra candy", I replied with a grin.  The girls all laughed, and before long we were on Redwood Street.
"Trick or treat!" we all sang in unison.  Then we saw our friends Kit and Ruthie answer the door.  "Hello!  Happy Halloween!  You`re our last trick-or-treaters before we start candy-hunting.  Good luck!" said Kit.  "Thank you, and by!"  I told them.
Before long, we were on to our last house.  "It looks kind of creepy", Mia said softly.  "More like haunted.  Girls, I think we`re about to trick-or-treat at the Haunted House of Redwood Street.  Rumor has it that ghosts live there.  It`s been abandoned for forty years", Jess replied eerily with an evil grin.  I didn`t believe her in a heartbeat.  Jess is good at making up stories fast, and besides, it was a newer house, and other than the spooky decorations, it was a nice looking house.  "I think we should go.  Look at the beware signs!" Marisol shakily and nervously said.  "Come on, it can`t be haunted.  Let`s just ring the doorbell", I answered.  I rang the doorbell, and who should answer the door but...
...our new friend, Rebecca Rubin!   "Hey guys!  Like the decorations?  Happy Halloween!", Rebecca told us as she handed us all king-sized candy bars.  "I just finished trick or treating with Samantha and Nellie.  We had lots of fun!  Hope you do to!"  Rebecca replied.  "Thank you, and bye!" we sang.  "Did I scare you?"  asked Jess mischievously.  "Not one bit", I answered her.  We all giggled.
When we got to my house, we had our annual candy sort.  We all had lots of yummy treats!
Look at our tasty treats!  Happy Halloween!  Here are our other friends in their costumes.
(Kit is Cinderella,Rebecca is Belle, Kirsten is a vet, Kanani is Ariel the mermaid, Samantha is Minnie Mouse, Nellie is Tinkerbell the fairy, Elizabeth is a princess, Felicity is a horse-back rider, Ruthie is Snow White, Emily is the monster Frankenstein, and Molly is a hula dancer.)
(Chrissa is a Chicago Cubs baseball player, Nicki is a cowgirl, Addy is a doctor, McKenna is a Chicago Blackhawks hockey player, and Anne is a cheerleader)
Hope you all had a happy Halloween full of treats!  Don`t eat too much candy, you don`t want to get sick ;)!  Thank you for visiting my blog and reading my posts!  Hope you liked the fun craft in my last post.  Bye for now!  :)

Halloween Craft: Scary-Cute Cookies

Hi friends!  Today I am going to show you how to do a fun Halloween craft for your doll`s next Halloween party, or just for a tasty Halloween treat :) .  It is...Halloween cookies!
 The supplies you will need are: scissors, a blank sheet of paper, a pencil or pen, a sharpie or black marker, a bottle cap or a small circular object easy to trace, paper towels, a paint brush, a cup of water, paint, brown or tan craft foam, and a creative mind :) .
First, you should sketch out your cookie designs on the blank sheet of paper.  Be sure to label the "frosting" colors.  This will help you when you "frost" the cookies.
Next, take the bottle cap or circular object and trace it with a pen on the craft foam.  Make sure the size is big or small enough for your doll.  This will be the cookie.
Then, cut out the cookie.  After you`re done, trace and cut more cookies.  To make it easier, trace one of the cookies you made and use it as a stencil for cutting out your other cookies.
Next, pour a little paint into a paper plate, or fold a paper towel and pour it on it.  Make sure your workspace is covered with newspaper or an old tabel cloth so you don`t get paint everywhere. 
Then, paint the cookies.  The paint will be the frosting for the cookies.  Paint with the paint brush in a circular movement so the paint spreads on your cookie.  Don`t put too much paint on, or else your cookie won`t dry all the way.  When you`re done "frosting" the cookies, put them in a safe place to dry over night.
When the cookies are all dry the next day, get out your paper from the day before and, using the sharpie or black marker, draw your design on your cookies.
All done!  Here are my cookies.  The designs are purple trick-or-treat, orange pumpkins, white "Boo!" ghosts, and green spider webs.
Serve them to your doll and/or her friends.  They will enjoy this spook-tacular treat! 
Hope you had a Happy Halloween!  Bye for now!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Back to School and Good News

Hello friends!  Loraine here!  School has been keeping me very busy lately,with tons of homework every night,but I am back!  School started for me on August 16.  School's been great so far!  All my friends are in my class!  I also just finished Cross Country, and took 80th place out of over 200 people in the conference meet on Monday,which is very good.  My average place in the regular meets was between 25-35.  Here's a picture of me with my ribbon at the conference meet.
I also just started my dance classes in September.  I do ballet first,and jazz second.

I also just got back from a overnight trip to Galena, IL.  I went on Thursday, and came back late yesterday.  It was so much fun!  I went at that time since I`m on break from school because of conferences and Columbus Day on Monday; I`m so glad to be on break!  Anyways, like I said, school has been good.   Here is my typical school day.
First, I have language arts,then literature.  For literature, I brought my Warrior Cats book to read.  I love that series; It`s my favorite,and I just met one of the Erin Hunters(there`s 4 authors)and had her sign two of my books!
Next was band,which I play flute in,and then health and P.E.  We practiced shooting hoops that day.
After that was lunch,and then science.  We observed an organism,Razzi the class rabbit, and wrote down what heeats,what he weighs,how he feels,etc.

Then it was art,one of my favorite subjects!  I painted a picture of Razzi.

I also made a new art smock.  Isn`t it cute?
Next came social studies,and then 9th period,the last period of the day;math!  We did flashcards with partners.  My partner was Kit.
Also,there was a surprise today in homeroom;Rebecca Rubin,the new Russian girl,goes to my school!  I have 5 periods with her!  She`s so nice and funny.
Here`s a picture of me on the first day of school with my backpack and lunch box.

Bye!  Thank you all who visit my blog and read my posts!  I really hope you like them. ;) Also, be sure to look out for my new blog!  If you like cats,Warrior Cats books,or anything funny & cute,check out my new blog,Tabitha`s World.  It`s about my kitten,Tabitha.  I will let you know when it comes out!  Bye for now,and happy fall!  Stay warm!