Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Forest Adventure

Hi everyone! Today my friends Felicity and Elizabeth are going to be posting about their adventure in the woods. Hope you enjoy!
  Hello! It`s Felicity and Elizabeth! Today was really nice out, so we decided to go to the woods behind my house with my (Felicity`s) horses Penny and Patriot. 

       Once we got there, we decided to find a shady spot.
Then we stopped to play tag in the meadow while Penny and Patriot chased each other for fun!
Right by the meadow we found the perfect spot under a tree.
Once I tied the horses up we opened the lunch sack to eat. We had cheese lasagna, cinnamon bread, apples, and water. Yummy!
Then we dug for buried items. sometimes we've found stuff, and sometimes we haven't. Maybe we'll find something this time!
                                            I dug first. What's that piece of silver sticking out...
                                                    Wow, a pretty, silver old mirror!
I dug second. Is that a rock...?
                               Way better than a rock- a very old statue of a tiki! I wonder who left it here...Indians?
Elizabeth and I shared stories about how we thought the statue got there.
We had fun climbing trees. I went to one of the highest branches!
I don't really like to climb very high, but from where I was I got a great view of the forest!
Finally it was time to go home. We had so much fun today!

 Hi, it's Loraine again! I hope you enjoyed hearing about Felicity and Elizabeth's adventure in the forest! Thank you all for visiting my blog and reading my posts! Hope you all had a fun 4th of July, and watch for a post on my vacation later this week! Bye for now!