Sunday, April 21, 2013

Easter Sunday

Hello friends!  March 31st was Easter Sunday.  We celebrate Jesus forgiving us from sin, and... "He is risen!"  To celebrate, I colored Easter eggs Saturday night.

                                       All ready to dye the eggs!
                                                          Dipping them into the dyes.

                                                                         All done!
                                On Easter morning, I got an Easter present- chocolate bunny!
                                        Then, some of my friends came over for an Easter egg hunt.
Like my Easter dress and French braid?
Chrissa wins for finding the most eggs, so she gets a cupcake!  Everyone got a chocolate egg for doing the egg hunt.
Happy Easter from me, Kit, Ruthie, Molly, Chrissa, and Rebecca!  Hope you all had a good Easter.  Thank you all for visiting my blog, and bye for now!  Have fun in the Spring weather!

Irish Friends

Hi everyone!  Did you know that my friend Nellie O`Malley and I are Irish?  That`s why we decided to invite Samantha and Jess over to my house for St. Patrick`s Day and have Shamrock shakes.  We all wore green, since we`re all a little Irish.
 Samantha and Nellie posing for a picture in green.
Hope everyone had a good St. Patrick`s day!  Thank you all for visiting my blog, and bye for now!

Valentine`s Party

Hello everyone!  On Valentine`s day a while ago, my friends and I had so much fun!  It was a half-day of school, so we decided to have a Valentine`s party at my house.  Here I am in my pink Valentine`s dress.
First we gathered around in a circle to exchange our hand-made Valentines to each other.
Then, we went to the kitchen to have some Valentine`s Day snacks.
Happy Valentine`s Day from me and the girls- McKenna, Jess, Samantha, Nellie, Addy, Chrissa, Marisol, and Anne!
Hope you all had a good Valentine`s Day!  Thank you all for visiting my blog, and bye for now!