Friday, June 29, 2012

Baking Cupcakes with Chrissa

Hello friends!  It`s me,Loraine,with another great post!  Today I baked(and ate)cupcakes with one of my best friends,Chrissa,at her mom`s bakery, Sweet Treats.  Here are the pictures!  Please enjoy!
                                         Here`s Chrissa.  She`s really nice,and a great friend!
                                                         Putting our aprons on!
                                               Time to get baking!  First,I poured in the cupcake mix.
                                              Second,Chrissa added the flour.
                                                Third, Chrissa added something sweet-cane sugar!
                                                  Then I cracked three eggs...
                                          ...and poured the yolk in the batter.
                                                Next,I poured in some sweet smelling vanilla extract.
                                              Last,but not least,Chrissa added her secret ingredient-honey!
                                                             Then Chrissa stirred...
                                                                    ...and I mixed!
                                               After that, we poured in the batter and it was time to bake!
                                              When they were done, Chrissa frosted the first batch...
                                          ...and I frosted the second one.
                                      Lastly,I sprinkled the first batch...
                                       ...and Chrissa did the second one.
                                             Here`s the sprinkles we used!
                                               The cupcakes we baked to sell...
                                                             ...and to eat!
                                                                  Waving goodbye!
                                                    Goodbye!  Thank you all for visiting my blog and reading my posts!  I`ll have a new post up for you soon!  Bye for now!  Time to eat the cupcakes!



Vacationing in the Dells

Hello friends!  It`s Loraine! One of my best friends,McKenna,and I were on vacation with our families in...the Wisconsin Dells!  We decided to bring Sugar,Snowball,and Caramel with us.  Here are some pictures I took of our fun trip.
                                                        We`re here!
                                                      McKenna and I tested the beds!
                    After that,we had lunch and played games on the American Girl website.
                                                            Naughty Snowball!  LOL!
 After that,we all(not the pets!)went to swim in the water park,and later had a delicious dinner at this cute restauraunt called The Cheese Factory.  I had the famous Big Cheese sandwich...
                                    ...and McKenna had the Bean Burrito.
                                      Then for dessert,I had the Gorgeous Chocolate Cake...
                ...and McKenna had the Princess Cake.  We shared our dinner and dessert.
                               This restaraunt was once a cheese factory,just like its name!
                         Later,we swam some more,took showers,and went to bed.
                                 The next day was all at the water park.  Here`s a couple pictures of it:
                                                                      Ready to swim!
                                                 One of the slides and the Lazy River.
                                                                  The wave pool.
                                                       The bucket dump before...
                                                               ...and after!
                      The next day,the day we all left,we went to The Lost Canyon tour.
                                                        McKenna and I climbing.
                                                               The pretty pond.
                                                           No rocks allowed!
                                                A view of the mini waterfall.
                                                  Posing by the flowers.
                                                                 The parking lot.
                                               Our sweet horses for the tour: Whiskey(left)and Brosco(right).
                                                                      The sign.
                                                                    Fun in the car!
                                                  Taking pictures of the Top Secret: White House attraction.

                                                          Waving "Hi" to the camera.
                                           Time to go!  Goodbye for now!  I hope you enjoyed the story of my awesome and fun vacation!  Thank you all who visit my blog and read my posts!  I`ll have a new post up for you soon! Bye for now!