Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Warm Weather Fun

Today,one of my best friends,Jess,came over to play.  Honey wanted to greet her too.
                                 We chatted a little before we played.                                     

                                                         Then,we listened to my IPod.....

                                  While Ginger,Honey,and Jess`s monkey,Tashi,played tag.

                                      Jess and I decided to play hopscotch first,so while I drew the hopscotch....
                                  ...Jess found rocks to use as the markers.
                                                                   Then we played!
My turn!
                                                                      Jess`s turn!
    After that,I picked a lovely bouquet of flowers...while Jess ran away from a bee!   
I found  a caterpillar...

...and Jess found a ladybug.
Then,we cooled off while the pets napped.
We snacked on some of Kanani`s shave ice,which was delicious!
All of a sudden,a beautiful butterfly flew by and landed on me...
...and on Jess!  I think she liked us.
 Time to go!  Jess and I waved goodbye to the camera.
Goodbye for now!  I`ll have a new post up for you soon!


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