Saturday, June 16, 2012

Girls and Their Dolls

Hi everyone!  Today I took pictures of some of my best friends with their dolls.  I love dolls,and so do all of my friends! 
                                           Samantha with her Clara,Violet,and Samantha dolls.
                                                     Nellie with her Lydia and Nellie dolls.
                                                Addy with her Ida Bean and Addy dolls.
                                               Kit with her Amelia Earhart and Kit dolls.
                                                            Ruthie with her Ruthie doll.
                                                  Elizabeth with her Elizabeth doll.
                                                      Felicity with her Felicity doll.
                                                        Emily with her Emily doll.
                                             Molly with her Red Cross Nurse and Molly dolls.
                                               Anne with her Chatty Cathy and Julie dolls.
                                                        Kirsten with her Sari doll.
                                                   Rebecca with her Rebecca doll.
                                              And me, with my Julie and Marie Grace dolls.
     Thank you all for visiting my blog and reading all my posts,and I hope you enjoyed this one!  All my other friends have dolls too,but I wasn`t able to take pictures of them because I already took a lot of photos.  Bye for now!  I`ll have a new post up for you tomorrow! 

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  1. Your dolls look so cute with their dolls :-).Great photos!