Sunday, June 17, 2012

Outdoor Adventure

Hello everyone!  Today me and some of my best friends,Chrissa,Jess,and Marisol,went outside on a fun nature adventure in my backyard garden.  Here are some pictures I took of us!
                                    Looking at the clouds.
                          Chrissa by the fencing.  I love this picture of her!
                            Marisol and Chrissa by the wheel barrel.
                           Jess being Jess...this is a funny picture!
                                         Jess in a "cage".  Ha ha!
                               Me climbing on the rocks.
                            ...and waving to the camera!
                      Me and Jess climbing the rocks by the bird bath.
                          Jess got all excited when I told her that a bird could                         land above her head.  Ha ha!
                     Jess smelling the pretty flowers.
                             Licorice and Coconut-best friends forever.
                                   Me,Licorice,and Coconut.
                             Time to go!  We all say goodbye!
                              Thanks for visiting my blog and reading all of my posts!  Have a great Father`s Day!  I`ll have a new post up for you soon!  Goodbye for now!


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