Friday, June 29, 2012

Baking Cupcakes with Chrissa

Hello friends!  It`s me,Loraine,with another great post!  Today I baked(and ate)cupcakes with one of my best friends,Chrissa,at her mom`s bakery, Sweet Treats.  Here are the pictures!  Please enjoy!
                                         Here`s Chrissa.  She`s really nice,and a great friend!
                                                         Putting our aprons on!
                                               Time to get baking!  First,I poured in the cupcake mix.
                                              Second,Chrissa added the flour.
                                                Third, Chrissa added something sweet-cane sugar!
                                                  Then I cracked three eggs...
                                          ...and poured the yolk in the batter.
                                                Next,I poured in some sweet smelling vanilla extract.
                                              Last,but not least,Chrissa added her secret ingredient-honey!
                                                             Then Chrissa stirred...
                                                                    ...and I mixed!
                                               After that, we poured in the batter and it was time to bake!
                                              When they were done, Chrissa frosted the first batch...
                                          ...and I frosted the second one.
                                      Lastly,I sprinkled the first batch...
                                       ...and Chrissa did the second one.
                                             Here`s the sprinkles we used!
                                               The cupcakes we baked to sell...
                                                             ...and to eat!
                                                                  Waving goodbye!
                                                    Goodbye!  Thank you all for visiting my blog and reading my posts!  I`ll have a new post up for you soon!  Bye for now!  Time to eat the cupcakes!



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