Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween Craft: Scary-Cute Cookies

Hi friends!  Today I am going to show you how to do a fun Halloween craft for your doll`s next Halloween party, or just for a tasty Halloween treat :) .  It is...Halloween cookies!
 The supplies you will need are: scissors, a blank sheet of paper, a pencil or pen, a sharpie or black marker, a bottle cap or a small circular object easy to trace, paper towels, a paint brush, a cup of water, paint, brown or tan craft foam, and a creative mind :) .
First, you should sketch out your cookie designs on the blank sheet of paper.  Be sure to label the "frosting" colors.  This will help you when you "frost" the cookies.
Next, take the bottle cap or circular object and trace it with a pen on the craft foam.  Make sure the size is big or small enough for your doll.  This will be the cookie.
Then, cut out the cookie.  After you`re done, trace and cut more cookies.  To make it easier, trace one of the cookies you made and use it as a stencil for cutting out your other cookies.
Next, pour a little paint into a paper plate, or fold a paper towel and pour it on it.  Make sure your workspace is covered with newspaper or an old tabel cloth so you don`t get paint everywhere. 
Then, paint the cookies.  The paint will be the frosting for the cookies.  Paint with the paint brush in a circular movement so the paint spreads on your cookie.  Don`t put too much paint on, or else your cookie won`t dry all the way.  When you`re done "frosting" the cookies, put them in a safe place to dry over night.
When the cookies are all dry the next day, get out your paper from the day before and, using the sharpie or black marker, draw your design on your cookies.
All done!  Here are my cookies.  The designs are purple trick-or-treat, orange pumpkins, white "Boo!" ghosts, and green spider webs.
Serve them to your doll and/or her friends.  They will enjoy this spook-tacular treat! 
Hope you had a Happy Halloween!  Bye for now!


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  2. THAT IS BRILLIANT I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! when I go to your house we need to have a day just to make crafts LOL ;)