Monday, February 17, 2014

A Birthday Surprise

Hi everyone, it's Loraine! Today I'm going to post about my birthday, which was on November 17th. I had a really fun day, and got great gifts.
                                Presents! I wonder what could be inside this rectangle-shaped box?
 It's the American Girl doll Emily! I've always wanted her, and I heard she and Molly are getting retired soon so I'm glad to finally have her.  She's so pretty!
                                     This is a really tiny box.  I wonder what's inside here?
                It's...a pair of earrings?  I don't have my ears pierced yet, so I can't wear them...
 My mom and dad told me that we were going to the store, but I didn't know where.  As soon as we got there, I finally understood the mystery earrings- I was finally getting my ears pierced! What a great birthday surprise!
     Lily got ready to pierce my ears.  I was nervous it would hurt, but excited to see how they'd look.
                                                          All done! They're so cute!
                  After that we went home and had cake.  Make a wish and blow out the candles!
The end!  I had a wonderful birthday, and got great surprises.  I hope you enjoyed this story, and thank you for visiting my blog.  Hope you're all having a great winter, and drink lots of hot chocolate!

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