Sunday, February 23, 2014

Making Valentines with Friends

Hi everyone, Rainie here!  This weekend me and my friends Kanani and Anne got together to make Valentines. We had so much fun together!
                                     We crafted Valentines and chatted while snacking on milk and Valentines cookies.
                                             Sweet conversation hearts to hide inside the cards...and to eat. XD
                          Anne's writing a friendship card to McKenna.  "We need more pink hearts,glitter, and lace!".
Kanani decorates a cute heart for her cousin Rachel, who lives in New York City, and a card for her friend Celina from her old home in Kaua'i Hawaii.                    
                             And I cut out a card for my new friend, Caroline.
                   Uh-oh, looks like someone wants to "help" with the Valentines too. XD
"Chocolate Chip, don't eat the Valentines!  I know you want to help, but maybe you can go play with the pets for now".  I guess he just wanted attention.  <3
Anne's in love with her cool new "shades".  XD
After we were done, we got some giant Valentine's cookies.  Yum!
                          ...and Anne finally got her pink, glittery heart.  XD
                               The pets have Valentine's too!  Here's Praline and Chocolate Chip.
Sweet Honey and "spicy" Ginger.
 Coconut and Licorice wish you a Happy Valentine's Day!  <3
                                                                                   Kanani poses for a cute photo.  :)
                                                                   Like the Beatles said, All you need is LOVE.  <3
 The end, I hope you enjoyed the post!  Hope you all had a Happy Valentine's Day!
                                                            ~Lorraine :)


  1. Hey Loraine! you have a really cute blog!!! do you have an email address i could email you?

    - AGFanForever101

  2. Hey Lorraine! Do you have an email address i could email you?????? If you cant say thats alright. Are you on youtube????

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  4. I just looked through all your photos, and these Valentines ones are my favorite. I got my start in taking pictures with a little box camera in black and white taking snaps of my dogs. I think I see a future photographer here.