Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Merry Christmas to All

Hello everyone, Rainie here!  I can't believe it's Christmas- time sure does fly by fast!  On Christmas Eve I left out milk and cookies for Santa, and carrots outside for the reindeer.
 I woke up early Christmas morning to many presents from Santa and my family under the tree.  I quickly got out of bed and put on my new Christmas dress.  Isn't it pretty?
    I rushed downstairs to the Christmas tree, closely followed by my kitten Ginger, who also enjoyed receiving new gifts like cat toys(I think she was mostly excited about playing with the wrapping paper though, haha! :D). I couldn't wait to tear through the wrapping paper and see what I got!
         But before I opened anything, I read the real Christmas story about baby Jesus to my family next to
         the  tree.  Remember- Jesus is the reason for the season!
           Time to dig in!  I spied a familiar rectangle-shaped box hiding behind the tree.  Is it what I think it is?
It is!  It's the new American Girl doll, Isabelle Palmer!  She's so pretty, and she has super-cool pink dyed hair.  Also, she's a dancer like me!  I can't wait to read her book too.
                                                           Next I opened a smaller box.  Wonder what's in here...
               A new American Girl doll dress for my dolls!  And it's pink and green-my favorite colors!  I've always wanted a fancier dress for my dolls.  I think Marie-Grace will wear it first.
                                                              Time for a new present-this one's heavy.
 Wow, a microscope!  I've always wanted one of these!  Now I can look at bugs and leaves up close in the spring/summer! 
   Soon I 'd opened all my presents.  The rest were: a cute, cuddly teddy bear, a new alarm clock, the Felicity book series(SO excited to read these! :D),a new set of earrings, a soft, fluffy bathrobe, and a flower collar and mouse toy for Ginger.
Hey!  Looks like someone's enjoying the bathrobe more than I am.  Ginger, don't chew the tie!
 Even though there's no more presents left under the tree, it still looks lovely.  After all, Christmas isn't just about the gifts you receive.  It's about love and giving, and the gift of family. And of course, the birth of  baby Jesus.
 The end, hope you enjoyed the post!   I hope you all had a great Christmas, or another holiday you celebrate.  I can't believe it's almost spring- winter flew by fast(even though it didn't seem like it)!  Merry(late) Christmas to all, and to all a goodbye. 
~Lorraine  :)

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  1. What a beautiful tree and such pretty gifts too! Love your photos and stories!