Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4th of July Parade

Hello friends!  Today,me and all of my best friends had our annual 4th of July Parade!  Here are some pictures of it.  Please enjoy!  Getting ready!

Felicity,Elizabeth,and Jess.
                     Jess gives the crowd some beads and candy.
                        Marisol and Chrissa.
                                       Marisol dances...
                                    ...while Chrissa pulls the pet wagon.
                                    Kanani and McKenna.
                                 Kanani plays her ukulele...
                                            ..while McKenna does a cartwheel...
                                      ...and a handstand.

                                                 Grace,Emma,and me!
                                                  Grace and Emma ride theeir patriotic tricycle while I ride my bike.
                                             Nicki rides her horse,Jackson.
                                              Kirsten and Mia ride in their FAKE Jeep car while sharing an important message:
                                          Anne rides her motor scooter with her pet rabbit,Henrietta.

                                                  Addy rides her horse Brownie.
                                                      Rebecca,Samantha,and Nellie.
                                                Rebecca sings "Grand Old Flag".
                                                  Samantha plays her flute and Nellie plays her acoustic guitar.
                                                 Ruthie plays the tamburine and triangle and Kit crashes her cymbals.
                                       And now for the grand finale!  Molly and Emily do their tap dance.
                                   The end!  I hope you all enjoyed this post!  Thank you all who visit my blog and reading all of my posts!  Please read my next post today AFTER you read this one:it`s called Holiday Barbeque.  Goodbye for now and have a great 4th of July!

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