Thursday, July 12, 2012

Lake Geneva Fun

Hello friends!  I'm back! I was at Door County Wisconsin on vacation with McKenna!  It was sooooo much fun!  Yesterday, two of my best friends,Mia and Anne,went to the beautiful Lake Geneva,Wisconsin,only 15 minutes from our houses!  I go there with my parents all the time!  Mia wrote the post this time.  Enjoy!
Hi!  Mia here!  Yesterday,I took some really great pictures of Anne and I. 
                      Here we are on one of the the lake walks!  There`s a really big house with this bridge that had a lot of inspirational quotes on it.
     Here`s the house! There`s a gate in front of it that says "Expect a Miracle",so we call it the Expect a Miracle house.
                            LOL water trampoline!  I want one of those!
                          Anne and I dreaming about living in a house like the Expect a Miracle house someday.
                                 Boat house.
                              Pretty bridge over a small river/creek.
                           If you can`t tell,the sign under the parrot says "It`s 5`o clock somewhere!".  LOL Anne!
                             Us watching the pretty lake.
                                      Laying on the dock!
                                 Rock climbing!
                Well,that`s it for today!  Goodbye!  Here`s Loraine!
          It`s Loraine now!  Bye!  I hope you all enjoyed this post!  Thank you all who visit my blog and read my posts-I now have over 200 views!  Yay!  Bye for now!  I`ll have a new post up for you soon!  Goodbye!


  1. Hi! :) I love your blog!
    ~ Jess

    1. Thank you for your comment and for following my blog! I will check out your blogs. Tomorrow I will have a new post up yay!
      -Lorraine :)