Saturday, July 28, 2012

Oohh La La!

Hello friends!  I'm back! I've been busy and have had 2 surprise sleepovers this week with one of my best friends,Nicki.  I`ll post those pictures up soon.  Anyways,today my hair was getting too long and needed a new style.
                                         I know!  I`ll go to Oohh-La-La Hair Salon!
                               Today,one of my best friends, Anne, was helping out at her mom`s hair salon.  She does that in the summer and on the weekends in the afternoon,so I got to see her!  Yay!
                                                                   There`s Anne!
                                                    Just on time for my hair appointment!
                                                   The hair salon area.
                                                        Spa and hair wash area.
                                                     Hair cut area.
                                                 Deciding which hair style to get.  They`re all so cute!
                                                                         Hair cut time!
                                                 Anne braids my hair...
                                                ...and puts it up in a ponytail.
                                                    My new style,the Pony Braid!
                                                        Hair drying time!
                                       All done!  Now it`s time for me to see my new hair style and hair cut!
                                                                         Time to pay...
                                                        ...and take a peppermint candy.
                                                                   Going home!
                                      Bye!  Thank you all who visit my blog and read my posts!  I`ll have a new one up for you soon!  Bye for now!


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